Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Those Days...

I thought about writing these things last week after a couple of reeeeaaalllly crappy days--kids wise. And then I had a couple of really great days and thought, "nah, maybe I jumped the gun on complaining." And wouldn't you know it, those day(s) came back again, hopefully to be followed by some good days, because as I'm quickly learning, that is how motherhood--particularly of more than one--goes. Higher highs and lower lows.

One such moment seen below. Sweet J!

Let's just say this: if Dominic had been my first baby, I would not have been so hasty to have another. He really challenges us. But he actually does really great in the car seat and when we go out, so yes, I know I know, I should go out more, but that's an internal struggle to take both out on my own. But I know I need to way more often, because cabin fever is real, particularly for toddlers.

I can't remember what he was crying about, but it sure looks like he is making a cry for help to the outside world. Poor J haha.

But there have been some tender mercies, like J finally folding his arms for prayers. He did it literally right after I said to Victor that it feels like nothing is sinking in with him of me trying to teach him good behavior. Valuable lesson right there!

And then at the end of one of those crappy days with the infant, he finally cooed and smiled at me for a good chunk of time--his first real, non newborn gassy smiles, yay! Although I did find it funny that he chose to do it when Victor and J were out of the house, as if to say, "I'm happiest when it's just you and me, mom." Because seriously, he is. We joke that he resents not being the only child. Oh well. He'll need to get over it, because J will not let him forget! Thankfully, J seems to love having Dom in the house. He already tries to play with him in his aggressive sweetness, bless his heart.

Don't think that this post is to say I am miserable, because I definitely am not. I actually don't think I have been this happy before. But, like I said, higher highs, lower lows! That's life, and I'm learning to deal. Just so grateful for the highs!

Survival tips? Anyone?


  1. Oh I feel you. This was my life for about a year. It gets better? I had to really really really relish in the good moments. And sleep. Always sleep. Sleep was my savior. And leaving the house. I got a double stroller (definitely has been one of my best investments) and made it a point to go somewhere 1-2 times a week (also, brad worked 6 days a week, so.... Yep. Lots of free time for outings. There was also a mandatory morning outing every week which usually meant a trip to the park and I'd sit on a blanket). Also, one trip a week by myself. It usually ended up being grocery shopping, but ideally it would have been an hour of exploring somewhere by myself.
    But most importantly, finding what works for you. Because some things do and some don't and just letting it be what it is.

  2. Well they sure are cute, so at least there's that! Wish I could come and be with you and let Ava add to the craziness while I hold that cute little bundle.

  3. oh I only have one and just feel like--i KNOW!! why didn't anyone tell us it was so hard. Or maybe they did and we didn't listen. I'm so so so terrified to have 2 so you are like supermom to me. I know I definitely want more bc like you say the highs are high and i need more people to love. But oh man...I know it's gonna be rough. But you are doing great! I think it's just day-to-day survival sometimes!