Friday, March 11, 2016

A Morning at Point Lobos with a whole lotta babies

 ^^The beauty of Point Lobos never ceases to amaze me^^

My sister and her kids decided to come visit us again this past week, and we were blessed with gorgeous weather to enjoy so many things in this lovely area of California. We decided to be adventurous and ambitious and take all four (can you believe me and jenn have FOUR kids??) on a little hike in Point Lobos.

I think the one "hike" that is completely wheelchair/stroller friendly is to see China Cove and Bird Island, which was the hike I wanted to do anyway, since this is the time of year where the seals and their pups come to rest and hang out in China Cove, their own gorgeous private beach. It was so beautiful.

 ^^Our self timer attempts at a group photo :) ^^
 ^^And an outtake^^
Afterward we hung out at this picnic area and let the kids climb around, which for me still wasn't relaxing, since J loves to explore everywhere, so I had to be constantly aware to make sure he didn't run into the many patches of poison oak!

Many people on the trail gave us their typical "you got your hands full" line, and I really think people just say that because they don't know what to say. We had a nice time, and luckily there were no other hikers around when I had a not so pretty parenting moment trying to control my wild toddler. But isn't it funny how even though doing something like this with kids almost doesn't seem worth it at the time, and now I am looking back on it thinking how wonderfully refreshing it was. And I always feel happy after going to Point Lobos. It's worth coming to Monterey and Carmel just for that!

I'm glad I had one more visit from my sister, since last time I didn't do anything with them outside of the house (3 weeks postpartum problems ha). Thanks for coming, Juju. We miss you guys!


  1. Your pictures show how absolutely stunning Point Lobos. Thank you for having us and being such wonderful hosts! We love you guys and your babies!

  2. Go you! Sometimes don't you wish people would say nothing instead of feeling like they have to make some dumb comment?

  3. So beautiful! Looks like so much fun! And you guys seem like you're always going to awesome places with your cute kiddos! Mom win!