Sunday, May 8, 2016

Things I'm Loving Lately

I enjoyed doing this post before so I decided to do it again! What little things have been making you happy lately?? Here are a few for me:

Ranunculus. I have bought these several weeks in a row from the farmers market because they have been making me so happy. Each individual bloom is so unique that I get why people frequently arrange them to only one or two in a vase.  
Big Sur River Inn. I have been wanting to check this place out for a long time and now that I have I'm addicted! Especially since during the month of May they do live jazz every Sunday afternoon. I went down last Sunday with my sister Melanie and Dom, and talk about a gorgeous Sunday. They set up their adirondack chairs in the river and it is so enjoyable to sit and soak your feet. I can't wait to take J and let him play in the river. It is a very steady stream so I think he would be ok.
Cold pressed Watermelon Juice. My new addiction from Costco! I drink it when I'm craving Dr. Pepper. It tastes like summer :)
Poke. Have you ever heard of poke?? (pronounced po-kay). Apparently it's big in Hawaii, but it's like a sushi bowl. A place here in Monterey just opened called the Poke Lab and it is DELISH. So yummy and not-heavy. It fills my sushi/japanese food craving. Typing about it is making me want it again!
Snapchat filters. What's not to love?? Man, they are entertaining. It's what J and I do for fun. And if you don't have snapchat you should. I like it. Follow me if you do. Speaking of snapchat, my favorite singer Ingrid Michaelson (who is addicted to snapchat filters also) just released her new single and it's great, but her new video is just her singing with snapchat filters. Check it:

And last but not least, Justin Bieber. Oh Justin, I can't quit you. You seem like such a punk sometimes, you know, like prank posing with my dad and posting on instagram and such haha. But I still love his music! I know his album came out like 6 months ago, but I didn't buy it so when new songs come on the radio, I'm all "oh this is good, who sings this??" and it usually turns out to be Justin...or One Direction. I've had this song in my head lots. It's just so catchy

So that's it for now. Tell me what you have been loving lately!


  1. reviews that you post is very nice and attractive

  2. It's hard not to love justin Beibers music. Even when I say I hate it I find myself singing it later.