Thursday, February 9, 2017

J's Sayings

J is talking more and more and I love it when toddlers start saying the cutest/random/darndest things. I don't want to forget them, so I jot them down on my phone and I want to put them all down here for your reading pleasure.

J loves playing the piano. When I ask him to play me a song he usually always plays the lowest notes and when I ask him what the song is called he always says it's called "Dark Outside." He also plays a song at the highest notes of the piano and calls that song "Sun Out." Love the deep emotional imagery to the notes of the piano ;) ha.

Whenever we finish reading a book he says "Amen" instead of "the end."

A few weeks ago I asked J after church "Did you learn about Jesus today?" He responded "No. Trucks." Meaning he played with trucks at nursery. That boy.

We still are trying to teach him Spanish but it's hard sometimes because he for sure understands us in English, but not in Spanish. When Victor starts to say a lot in Spanish, J starts going "blah blah blah blah" imitating it back. He also was looking at our Yosemite pictures and was calling all the waterfalls "Agua falls." Bilingual kid problems ha.

And lastly, we always sing "I am a Child of God" before bed, and now J requests it and calls it the "Night Night Song." Cutest thing ever.


  1. Auga falls! Too funny. The things kids say crack me up.

  2. I like when I told J that we were out of milk and he said "Buy more!" so matter of factly. Wonder why he learned that so fast? haha