Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our New Home

We've moved!
As fun as it is to say "we bought a house!" I can't help but think something more along the lines of "the bank bought this house and our military BAH (housing allowance) is going to pay the mortgage!" HA.

But I still am feeling so grateful because this home is an answer to our prayers. Buying a home in Southern California is a PAIN. SUCH A PAIN. We really wanted to live off base in order to have more bedrooms and a bigger yard for our boys. Finding those things in our desired city, with our budget (with home prices rising significantly over the past 6 months as we were searching) started to seem impossible. We had already lost out on a house in this neighborhood, so when this one came up, at the same price as the other one, it felt meant to be.

So yeah! We have a house, but currently no furniture. Can't wait to show more as we turn it into a home!

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