Friday, September 15, 2017

I Made A Table!

Alternate subject line: I helped my friend's husband build me this table. If we are being accurate. This has been something I've wanted to try and do, and he was like "then do it! when are you going to do it?" He even came to Home Depot with me to pick out everything--that just shows how clueless both Victor and I are when it comes to these things ha. So thanks again, Keyla and Geoff for your help!

This table was definitely a learning experience. It's not perfect, and it is not a "forever" table. Pretty sure it will get its wear and tear. But it was a fun learning experience, and for the time being, it's nice to have a farmhouse table that only cost about $150 total. But if I were to invest in all the stuff you need to make a table, that would up the cost a tonnnnn. I can't believe all the types of saws and stuff you need. 

Progress shots
 I loved how the wood looked all sanded down. I didn't want to stain it! 
  But I'm happy with it. And I'm so happy to have a designated dining room! I love having a real space to have people over for dinner. I hardly hosted people in our tiny cottage because it was just so small to. Now that we are getting settled, I hope to change that.

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