Monday, October 16, 2017

My J Says

 Ever since J turned 3, his talking has exploded! He talks so much now and I'm amazed at how he just picks up on proper grammar and usage. He obviously isn't perfect, but it's just so cool to see little kids just pick up languages! And I love hearing what comes out of his mouth, so I have been jotting things down and I want to put them all down here in one place. I love this kid sooooo much.
"Mommy I sick. I have the hiccups."
When I gave Dominic medicine for a cold. In other words he wanted some medicine too.

"Mommy I sick I'm in a bad mood."
Also when Dom was sick and I had said earlier he was in a bad mood.

"Where Papi go?"
"To work, J"
"Mommy I no want you go to work."
Oh, my heart!

"Mommy hear me!!"
What he says when he wants me to listen

"Yes mommy, you way strong!"
"Mommy, you way tall!"

"I go in privacy, go away!"
Potty training conversations

"Don't say 'come here puppies.' Say 'come here J and Dommic."

"I want some of your snuggles."

"No want to smell something!"
When we were driving through a smelly area ha

And one of my favorites
"Mommy, why you eat all this pie? It going to make you a tummy ache like the hungry caterpillar."

It was only one slice of pie in my defense. He is something.

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