Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A New Year

I've had a couple experiences within the last few days that have really prompted and excited me to actually make some New Years Resolutions. Everyone does it, and so it all sounds pretty cliche, but never I have felt more prompted and motivated to actually think about the reset that I need.

The first experience was last week I went to the temple by myself, and I had to wait about 45 minutes. When they told me that it would be that long, I shamefully thought how in the world am I going to pass that time?? I don't even have my phone! Bad, I know. It really was a wake up call that I need to more regularly focus my time to solely do something like study the scriptures. Those 45 minutes of waiting turned out to be a great study time, with no distractions.

Then on the long drive home to California, I caught up on my podcast listening. I had quite a few personal epiphanies, and I want to write about them, but not here. So I ordered a new journal for the first time in YEARS (bad, I know) to write about those personal things.

The podcast that was filled with so much amazing stuff was this one:

Shawn Achor's insights weren't anything super groundbreaking, but they reinforced things that I know I should be doing more of to feel happier. I highly recommend listening to it. Especially at this beginning of a new year.

So I bought my journal, and I joined the YMCA yesterday (I needed the no excuse mentality of a gym that provides childcare haha), and I stocked my fridge with lots of healthy stuff. I am such a cliche for New Years ha. But it really was necessary.

I have some other goals for 2018, but they are things that are kind of uncertain. But the physical and mental health and happiness of my body is something I am in complete control of. So that really needs to be my focus. I'm excited to see the changes.

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  1. I should start listening to more podcasts. I enjoyed that one.