Thursday, August 30, 2018

My Favorite Houseplant

That subject is misleading, because the answer is ALL OF THEM!
Before I started buying plants like a crazy person, I googled them all. And then pinterest started showing me so many articles about the easiest house plants to maintain, and I read those too. And now I feel pretty confident when it comes to house plants.* Outside stuff still intimidates me. 

*All those articles say english ivy, and I had a couple, and they BOTH died. So I stay away from those, and call those people who say they're so easy liars!
^^I have more pothos plants than anything else. They grow so easily and I love the cascading leaves!^^
^^the snake plant is probably the easiest! I saw them down in the underground hallways of the SLC temple a few weeks ago, where they don't even get any natural sunlight!^^

I wouldn't claim to be the know-it-all plant person, but I do think the most important aspect of plant care is light. Thankfully, my house gets a lot of natural light, so the plants have been able to thrive. 

Having so many plants in the house now is such a joy to me. I believe those articles that say they bring a good energy to the house, not to mention the health benefits of purifying the air. I'm fully addicted.

I just read something lovely on a home design blog that was talking about houseplants, and that when you treat them like a fashion accessory, they rarely thrive, but treat them like a friend, and you will have lifelong companions. And I finally get it. I really do look at these plants as my friends/pets, and I see them thriving, unlike before, where I have killed my fair share of plants RIP.
It sounds crazy, but it's true. I love my plants.


  1. Your plants are amazing. I keep killing the plant by my bathtub (despite it being right by a Window.) So, time to find another! I'm liking the one you have with those red flowers! Hmmm

    1. What kind of plant is it? It may be one that doesn’t like direct sunlight :)