Monday, August 17, 2020

Summer Favorites 2020


Well hey there! Long time...again. I regret not writing more, and I’m hoping if I can just pop up some blog posts from my phone, then maybe I can actually start up again! So let’s see how this goes, shall we? 

Summer 2020 has been a good one, despite the insanity of the year 2020. In an effort to have some more help and freedom, I started my traditional Utah Summer with my kids a few weeks early, and stayed a few weeks longer than 2 months longer haha. I hated leaving Victor for that long, but he was insanely busy starting a new position at a new battalion, and we were really craving a little more freedom than California was offering at the time. 

Anyway we are back and enjoying the tail end of summer in SoCal. At least the beaches are open, right? 

Don’t know how this popped in there, but they sure are cute!
Still love me some Spirit Goat products found in Logan and online, but this one is my new favorite because it smells just like the Capri blue volcano candle. I got the bbubble bath as well and it’s yumm. This picture is my haul from when I went back in June. The boys also ask me to get them all kinds of goodies now too. 
We loved doing some watercolors at the beginning of summer. I got all the supplies at Daiso, love that place! I need to start up again.  
This is random but it’s a screen shot of Killing Eve, a show I definitely enjoyed binging all summer. I sent this pic to Victor because I have a talent of being able to recognize if a show is filmed in Romania even if it doesn’t take place there or it’s supposed to look like someplace else. Killing Eve is not the first time. This spot is a place in Buch with a cute bookstore that I walked to a lot last summer while he was working. Anyway! Haha

I also got addicted to buying rings this summer. My favorite place I went to a few times was the turquoise wholesale store in St George. If you haven’t been you must. They sell everything for 2/3 off the price. I love all of them. 

Any favorites of yours I should know about? Any small pick me ups to survive quarantine make a difference! 

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