Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drama at the Wal-Mart

I really should just delete that last post, because it's just evidence at how easily I give in and contradict myself. Not 15 minutes after I wrote it, I changed my mind. I stayed awake and at about 11:30 headed down to Wal-mart to go get that dang book. When I showed up, there were only 5 other people waiting, so I went and picked up some items. When I came back, there were almost 15, and then word got out that Wal-mart only ordered 25 copies. What the?! Not cool, Wal-mart.

More and more peeps came, and word got to them that they might not get a copy. I think everyone was wondering, "how is this all going to go down? is it going to be nice and orderly or is it going to be a big hot mess?" Well, at least I was wondering it, especially because I was in the first 25 people, for sure!

Then it got more intense. At 11:55, some Wal-mart lady came and was like, "umm, they're going to be distributed in the electronics section, at the back of the store." All those people behind me start booking it back there. And as I was speed walking/almost breaking into a run to the back I thought, "oh no, I'm one of those people!!"

Sure enough, the people behind me were now in front, and the people that had waited a good hour were at the back. Talk soon erupted in the line about how those poor folks in the back should be in the front and "those bi****s" at the front need to be behind everybody. I was thinking, "oh no, it's goin' down!" but then the Wal-mart lady came and settled it, and those people who had waited received the first copies at midnight, and yes, I got mine too! So it was a bit anti-climatic I guess. But I heard that Barnes and Noble had a much more classy and organized book distribution. Sometimes I forget that Wal-mart is not like other stores. They do whatever they want. But even so, only ordering 25 copies? Come on.

Well anyway, I only read the first chapter last night, but it's so far so good! Happy reading to all of you that are hooked like I am.


  1. AHHH!!! Don't tell me anything! I thought I would be able to make fun of you and tell you how smooth my receiving the book was by having a nice pretty package at my door when I got home- but no- UPS is taking FOREVER!

  2. Okay, I'm always the "late adopter" when it comes to these book series. I keep hearing about the Hunger Games and I think it's time I read them...