Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Offend Me

You may laugh as I write this, but I don't get offended that easily. Ok, maybe I should say I don't get SERIOUSLY offended that easily. And I think it's safe to say that I would never get offended enough to leave the church or stop talking to my family or something ridiculous like that. But today was the second time I de-friended somebody on facebook for saying mean things about BYU (they aren't even students here!). So, I guess that's how you offend me then: say stupid things about BYU on facebook.

I get mad at BYU. I make fun of BYU. When my fellow classmates do it, even publicly on facebook, I don't get mad. And you know why? Because we go here! We have the right to do that. All those dumb haters (who probably applied and got rejected) have no right! I don't go putting on my dumb facebook status all the ridiculous things about the U of U just to cause a reaction, so if you do that about BYU....I get mad.

Just for fun I will tell you about the times I de-friended these dummies for bashing my school. The first was right when I got back from Romania. One of my "friends" wrote me and was like, "welcome home, what are you going to do now?"

I said, "well I start BYU in a week or so."

His response: "oh, I thought a mission would have helped you learn a little sense to not go back to that dumb school. jk."

JK?! Well, you know what I am not "jk"ing about? De-friending you!! (And it's not like we were even friends in real life either. I hadn't spoken to him in two and a half years so no biggie if we're not facebook friends that's so important anyway.)

Second time: this morning. I am already upset about BYU football: they let us down once again yesterday and it's still a sore subject. Then one of my "facebook friends" puts up some idiot status about crappy offense and crappy defense and a lack of purpose as a university equaling BYU football.

Oh no you didn't. DE-FRIEND. (once again this was someone that I haven't talked to in years, so no biggie)

Maybe I am being irrational but I don't care. Luckily most of the readers of this blog are pro-BYU (except for kimmy and jake burch) so I don't have to deal with anti-BYU ridiculousness on my own blog. But if it starts to happen (kimmy and jake: be warned) I won't hesitate to block it on this site. There will be no BYU hating on this blog if I have something to say about it!

So anyway, that's my Sunday evening rant. I still love you. K bye.


  1. Good on ya! I'm proud to be your sister.

  2. I love defriending people! Maybe that's bad.

  3. hahaha you are funny, but I kinda understand you.


    also you are so lucky I only posted this on your blog and not on facebook. I dare you to de-friend me and see what happens in a life fara Kimmy. you wouldn't last a week.