Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Universe, You've Done it Again!

When I first got a flat tire a couple summers ago, it just so happened that my pops was in town to come and help me change it (he tried to teach me, but who pays attention to that?), AND we changed it in the parking lot of the Meadow Gold Ice Cream Factory in Orem, where a nice man saw the predicament we were in and brought us popsicles to help us out.

Yesterday, when I realized my tire was flat after driving a block down the street (I guess I had driven over a giant screw--how did that happen?!), there were two nice men right on the sidewalk who came and offered to change it. And, because they weren't trying to teach me how, they changed it way fast. But how nice was that? Moments like that remind me that I like people.

Now that I have acknowledged how lucky I am when I get flat tires, I have probably jinxed it. Next time I will be stranded on some road where I don't get cell phone service and I will have to figure it out all by myself... or just hitch-hike. But I'll just worry about that when it actually happens!

Happy Wednesday. This week is going as slow as a snail, but I'll survive. Loves.