Monday, April 4, 2011

My name is Annie, and I buy things in fits of passion

Today I decided to skip my afternoon class, telling myself that I was going to use the time to write my paper and study for my test, but secretly it was because I knew that my wedding dress was supposed to be coming any day now, and I was hoping it would be today. And it did come. I anxiously opened it....and unfortunately was disappointed when I tried it on. I knew I was taking a chance with this dress. I mean, look at it.

Sooo beautiful. And so $3000 dollars. And now I'm learning that after you try on the real thing and feel the beautiful, flowing silk charmeuse, the imitation fabric used by China is not the same thing. If anything, it's very very disappointing. But, like I said, I knew I was taking a risk.

I called Josie and she ran over to see it and console me. We talked about how I would try again, this time with a different "back up" dress, and a different China dress maker. Then we went to Maglebys Fresh to console myself with chocolate cake. Next to the restaurant is a bridal store that I have seen many times but have never gone in. This time we did. I ended up trying on a dress that fit me wonderfully, and honestly, it makes me feel like Elizabeth Bennett, or Eliza Doolittle. Take your pick. Did I mention that I want my wedding to have a Victorian feel? Because this dress totally embodies that.

Yeah it was more than the China dress. (Which I plan to sell, btw) But it was still a steal of a deal. So, I was going to wait until my mom got back from Florida at the end of the week to maybe buy it, but after leaving the store and getting my dad's blessing on the dress, I began to panic. What if it wasn't there when I went back?! So, we went back to the store (after calling them asking them to keep it open a little longer) and bought that dress. No refunds. No exchanges.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Only a few months ago, I bought a beautiful pair of boots because I was waiting at the mall for the tire to get changed--I had had a kind of annoying day, and the flat tire was the cherry on top. Those boots have served me well this winter.

Anyway, I have a dress!! It is fabulous!!

And I also bought an Anthropologie top at Down East for a ganga bargain. Win win.

Homework? I'll think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day. And I have my wedding dress!


  1. I can't wait to see it- I'm sure it's fantastic! Sounds like a well spent afternoon:)

  2. Are you suffering from buyer's remorse?

  3. I want to see it!!!! And, I just discovered that downeast now has Anthropologie clothes now...score! P.S. I think you will always have a little buyers remorse when it comes to a wedding dress. There are just too many beautiful dresses out there in all sizes and all prices. Once you find one you like that fits well and is the style you like, you just have to go with it and not look back.