Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I still haven't figured out

My time of living in Provo is beginning to come to a close, and there are still a few things that I just don't get. If any of you can enlighten me, that would be wonderful.

Seven Peaks: the water park, named so because of the "seven peaks" of the mountain behind it. I have stared at the mountains and I still can't figure out which are the seven peaks. I sit there and try to count them out, and then I either end up with like 3 or 10. I never have seen seven. Am I just a dumbie who doesn't know what a proper peak is?

Mount Timpanogas: the majestic mountain to the north named after the Indian tribe. According to legend, an Indian maiden who died of grief did so on top of the mountain, and now the top of it looks like the profile of a sleeping woman. huh? I've looked and looked trying to figure that out, and I don't see anything of the sort resembling a sleeping woman. Either I'm retarded, or that "legend" is just made up to confuse people. But it sure is pretty. (I can say I will definitely miss this beautiful sight)
There is one more thing: throughout the BYU library, particularly in the "no shh" zone, there is a bell type sounds that goes off all the time. I thought it was a clock or something, but sometimes I would look at the clock to see if it was the top of the hour, but no. It dings with no consistency, and it drives me nuts that I still haven't figured out what it is!

I feel like knowing these things will help me find closure as I get ready to leave this place that I detested so much at the beginning and now find myself...dare I say it? Sad. Yes, sad, that I will be leaving.

Anyway, happy Thursday. Tomorrow then is Friday. We so excited.
(Don't know what I'm referring to? Then treat yourself to this!)


  1. 7 Peaks refers to the 7 peaks of Utah valley, which are not necessarily located directly behind the water park. This link lists them.
    I'm stumped on the others.

  2. I can see the profile. But only at certain angles. No idea about the bell.

  3. You can see the profile in the picture, duh!