Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You're only a day away

First off: what would this blog be if I never made an "Annie" reference?

But, really, I love tomorrow. Because I get a nice break from school to adventure to the nautical land of Annapolis Maryland. Except by "nice break", I mean that I will still be working on homework the whole time. Boo.

Besides homework, I am excited to do the following:

Eat crab cakes on the docks of the Chesapeake. Doesn't that just sound so sophisticated!

See the Naval Academy Graduation, which should look something like this, according to Google images:

I am trying to pack only clothes that are white and navy blue, because I am feeling very preppy and nautical, which luckily is in this year.

Side note: remember my list of pet peeves? Well, just today one of my favorite bloggers put this list up of a couple of hers. I guess we were both in a pet peevey mood. Anyway, it's hilarious, and I completely agree with her first two points. Check it out!

Love, Annie

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