Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to annoy me

Just in the last few days, these are some things that I have realized are pet peeves of mine:

I HATE it when guys refers to girls/women/ladies as "chicks"

I don't like it when the performer of the national anthem at a sporting event thinks that we are only there to see them and consequently sings it ridiculously and over the top. We are here to see the game, not you.

Jittery people who sit and bounce their leg nervously non stop, sometimes against your chair which makes it jiggle too. Just calm down!

When lame cliche jokes are repeated during sacrament meeting talks. I want to respond with another cliche: that's the oldest joke in the book.

I kind of have a lot of pet peeves, so I'll stop. I just had to get it out!


  1. I'm with you on # 2, and very with you on #4.

  2. i LOVE all of those things soooo much!

  3. Were you there when we burst out laughing during the national anthem before we watched Marg in Crazy for You? Not my proudest moment, but I couldn't help it. Whoever was singing it was outrageous!