Monday, November 21, 2011

The month of gratitude: my materialistic side

It definitely merits to acknowledge our greater blessings on a daily basis. But then there are also those things in life that you don't really need, but they make your life so much easier and enjoyable. Let's acknowledge some of them.

It's nice to have a car. And money to put gas in it.

Stores like Costco and Trader Joe's make me really happy.

I'm grateful for Skype. And facebook, for that matter.

Broadway musicals make life much sweeter.

GPS helps me to get out and explore.

My ipod makes many a situation easier: exercising, driving, singing time in nursery, etc.

Speaking of working out, I'm grateful for a free membership to a really good gym: "Semper Fit."So clever--I love the name. It's the gym on base and despite being surrounded by incredibly fit people, it has a good, non-intimidating atmosphere, which is exactly what I need.

And thank heavens for comfortable mattresses. And couches. I've lived before without a couch in China and it sure does make you appreciate them.

Anyway, you get the idea. These are just things in the last week that have popped into my mind, but I think that as we stop and be grateful for seemingly small and silly things, we realize just how sweet life is.

Because it really is sweet.


  1. Holli planned an FHE last night where we worte down as many things we were greatful for as we could in two minutes. Despite the obvious ones our lists also included Nutela and Bacon...or maybe those are the obvious ones?

  2. nutelle and bacon definitely are some of the obvious ones!