Monday, November 28, 2011

conversations with my husband

scene: in the car selecting music for the long drive

me: "I thought you would want to listen to the children's songbook (the songs we play in nursery) since you don't know any of them and you need to learn."
husband: "whenever I listen to those songs now, I'll only get stressed out. I only think, "hey [so and so], don't hit and push! [so and so], quit digging in the garbage!, [so and so], leave the lights on!"
*names have been removed to protect the innocent

scene: 2:30am, saying a prayer together after a very long (and fun) day in the citay (new york city)

husband: "we're grateful for the wonderful weather and food."
amen! Have I mentioned how amazing the food is in Little Italy?!

scene: the night before leaving for NYC for Thanksgiving
me: "Victor, this time we go to your mom's you need to help a little more. You always end up chilling while your mom cooks for you all day in the kitchen."
husband: "But I like being pampered by my mom. And I'm pretty sure she likes pampering me too."

And pamper him, she did.
It was a great Thanksgiving weekend.
victor's step-dad cuttin' the turkey
victor cuttin' his piece of the turkey


  1. Ha! I'm glad my husband isn't the only one who expects ME to help his mom but thinks we just love to pamper him. :) I feel for Victor. Every time I think about primary now, I have anxiety build up in's bad.

  2. Love it! We missed you guys. Glad you had a great holiday. I think Victor's mom likes to pamper too.