Thursday, November 3, 2011

I went to Arizona

I just got back from Arizona, land of 85 degree weather. I conveniently missed the snow storms that hit the east coast, and now it's back to lovely autumn weather here, so it's a win win win (the ideal: Michael Scott, anyone?).

The desert was pretty. It had been a good 15 years since I had been to AZ, so I really couldn't even remember what it was like, or remember seeing big cactus plants everywhere, so I took a lot of pictures of them---like, more than I took with me and my sister who I hadn't seen for 5 months, but not as many as I took of her ADORABLE dog.
In case that wasn't enough for you, how about some ADORABLE videos?!

I love how she does the cute head tilt when you talk to her.
She even plays hide and seek!
You probably are thinking that I am the dog equivalent of a cat lady. Oh well. Dogs are way better than cats anyway. I just wish I could get a dog as well-behaved and lovable as my sister's.

So I actually did do other things besides obsess over the dog. I'll talk about that later.


  1. How cool that you went to see Jennifer!! I loved your pictures of the trip.

  2. That dog is hilarious! They totally lucked out to "find" such a good dog. I want to go to Arizona...