Thursday, April 19, 2012

the other thing I love about traveling (and more tips)

I LOVE the travel/tester section of stores. I think it stems from my obsession with all things miniature. So miniature bottles of shampoo and such make me happy for some reason. So I jump on the chance to buy them for traveling. But I've learned from trial and error that some things are better in mini, while others are just better to bring the full size you already have. 
 Better things in mini:
shampoo and conditioner: you could also just bring hotel samples if you keep those (which I do)
face wash, lotion, and shaving cream.
tissues, and these awesome travel/camping rolls of toilet paper. a lot of places abroad will either not provide tp, or charge for it. these are great to always have.
hair dryer

BTW: next to the travel toilet paper, then next best thing to bring is that travel size wrinkle releaser. this stuff is awesome!

Better things in regular size:
toothpaste: those mini tubes of toothpaste seem great, but they're not so ideal if you're traveling for more than 3 days, or if you are sharing toothpaste with a significant other.
deodorant: again, you don't want to risk running out of deodorant. better to be safe than sorry.
curling iron/straightener: those travel ones aren't very good in my opinion.

Other travel essentials:

Some of these things may make me look high maintenance, but if you are traveling overnight in any type of transportation, or if there is a risk that you might be crashing at an airport for a night, then you will be so happy you had these things!

the inflatable pillow is so easy to pack around, so why not? 
and ever since i borrowed/may have stolen an airline blanket when i knew i was going to be sleeping in the airport, i have always tried to bring a small blanket on flights. especially in the summertime, when you're dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops, and the plane is ridiculously cold, then you will be glad to have a little blanket--since most airlines don't provide blankets anymore. also, don't you just love that eye mask? I scored it from Target on clearance with the blanket. 

So, there you go! Hope it helps. Again, feel free to put in your two cents if you have it. 

**Trip update: we found out that there is a flight tomorrow at six, and the next one after that isn't until Saturday at 7pm! So instead of going to see Katy Perry perform at the Naval Academy, we think we are going to try our hardest to get on that Friday flight to Germany. Pray that we do, because I think Victor will cry if he misses Katy Perry AND doesn't even get on that flight. 


  1. Rockin' eye mask! Travel TP rolls-so essential! Good luck getting on the flight! Drum bun!!! Say hi to everyone from us less fortunate ones who can't go back right now te rog!

  2. Well thought out with the tp. We are going to miss you! Have fun!

  3. I hope you make the flight so Victor doesn't cry! Have a great trip!

  4. Travel blanket- YES! sleeping in the Bangkok airport was not my best idea... but I still have my air china blanket just in case!

  5. Ha ha! I had to comment on this, because I too am OBSESSED with all things miniature. I find any excuse to buy those little travel sized items and my husband gets bugged with me saying "why don't you just take the shampoo and conditioner we have at home?" ...the response is obvious. :)

    PS.. if you didn't receive my comment about the quinoa, I just wanted to let you know that you can generally find it at any regular grocery store in the bulk/health food section. I just buy mine at Smiths. :)

  6. I love the mini stuff too! There is a Loccitane outlet in Williamsburg,VA that sells lots of their products in travel size. Each time I go I load up. Looks like you've mastered the art of travel-packing.

  7. i hope you plane crashes 🤣🤣 and that isnt even tiny you fricken dope. instead of annie wrightes it should be Annie isnt right! dummy