Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Refashion: Fashion is Cyclical

So, remember how chambray is totally in right now? Something else I've seen lately is polka dot chambray. Pretty cute. I just saw a really cute polka dot chambray top from J. Crew but can't seem to find it to show you. But, you get the idea with these ones. One is from Levis, and the other...I don't know. 
So, remember that chambray was also in style in the early 1990s? It's no secret that trends these days are almost always traceable to another decade because fashion is totally cyclical. So if you want to buy a  "new" trend, check out old stuff first!

After I saw that cute top from J. Crew, I found this little number at Goodwill that was probably made in the early 1990s. Not exactly the cutest thing in the world, but the fabric is a polka dot chambray, which is SO HOT right now!
Yep, it's even more attractive from behind.
I decided to make it into a skirt, since you see so many chambray tops, but not any skirts. Maybe it will start a new trend. We'll see. 

Anyway, here is the finished product! 
 Well, almost finished. You see, I'm not quite sure if the pockets on the skirt are cute, or if they look a little maid/waitress like. Do you think I should keep them? It would be easy to pick them off if you tell me to. 

I think this skirt might make the cut of clothes to take to Europe, considering so many things go with chambray. Either way though, it's a great summer skirt that cost me three dollars. BTW, did you know if you donate to Goodwill, you get 20% off your entire purchase? NICE. 


  1. i swear every family has an all jean/chambray family photo from the 90's. we sure do.

  2. Love it! I say nix the pockets... something is off with them and I'm not sure if it is the scale or location, but I think it would look better without them. And it looks like it would be a rockin travel skirt! I bet it wouldn't wrinkle too easily, either. I have a thrifted dress that I can't wait to show you. I just have to fix the sleeves and then I'll post it, but let me just say this: polka dots.

  3. I'm glad you gave that polygamist dress a new life. It deserves so much better. I really want a chambray tunic to wear with some leggings. You wanna help a sister out?

  4. Amen to Jenn! I've been searching for a chambray tunic since I was pregnant last summer.
    Also, I kind of like the apron pockets, but I think I like it better without them... I feel like the silhouette would be more current.

  5. Because you know, pockets change the silhouette from the side view a LOT... hahaha.

  6. Try without the pockets. Nice job!

  7. Get rid of the pockets. The skirt will look sooo much cuter.

    Once again we have another matching clothing article that I paid a lot more for. :(