Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If I didn't blog it (or instagram it), it never happened.

In case you don't follow me on Instagram, here's some tid bits that I've been up to lately. I forget that there are still people that don't use instagram. In my mind, if my parents actually use it, then everyone must. Now I just need to get them playing "Words with Friends" as well. 

You can follow me too if you want: @aocastro!

 This BBQ place in the redneck part of town is DELISH.     
Domnul Popa, our gnome.
 The tea shop in Annapolis, that also looks like it could be in Diagon Alley.           
 D.C. Temple
 Best macarons ever.          
 Charly, my favorite toddler.               
The choc chip recipe was amazing. Thus the photo.
 Thrifting success!!                              
Another day at the Archives.
 FHE at the batting cages. 
Not our dog, but Victor was in love. 
 This salt water taffy reminded me of "Friends," which naturally reminded me of my bestie Kelsy.      
The Outer Banks, NC
On our anniversary at the Outer Banks
Double lighthouse all the way!! (Don't know what I'm referencing? Check this out. You're welcome)


  1. Those shoes...thrifted? LOVE THEM!!

  2. "Is it gum, is it food?" Haha. Um, that Tea Shop has got to be the cutest thing ever! And the guy in the rainbow video, what a freak! Sounds like you lived up the anniversary. Me likey. :)

  3. Oh, and call me out of it, but I am not on instagram. But you have motivated me. I will sign up today!