Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Year Later

"Grow old with me, the best is yet to be."
Robert Browning

I don't keep a journal, and I realize that's a shame. Especially for life changing days like a wedding day. But let's be honest here, my journals always suffer because I get so embarrassed reading the crap I wrote as a teenager knowing that my posterity will read it. So, I justify my blogging as a form of journal because I know that at least five people will be reading it, so I won't say dumb things. You're my tester audience.

So anyway, I got married one year ago today. And I really want to document some of my favorite details of that wonderful day that I have yet to do, so I don't forget.

I want to remember how great it felt to pack up the last of my stuff and leave Provo after my last final the day before the wedding. Even though I still had a mini breakdown on the drive up to Kaysville (bless Victor for persevering through those), it was still a feeling of accomplishment. I remember spending the afternoon just with my sisters and my mom, just painting our nails and doing last minute wedding projects, and it helped calm me down from the nerves and emotions that are involved in that situation of "oh my gosh, I really am getting married tomorrow."

I want to remember the wonderful evening before my wedding, where we all came together for our rehearsal dinner. I was still on edge, because a lot of people were late, and people that told me they were coming didn't show, and people that hadn't been invited showed up. But there was finally that moment where I realized that none of that mattered, and that it was time to just sit back, relax, and soak up the sweet memories that were ahead.

I want to remember everyone's sweet toasts at the dinner. They meant so much. It was such a memorable evening. I still think back on it and smile, feeling so grateful for the wonderful people that are in our lives, and who were there to support us and celebrate with us.

I want to remember the morning before my wedding ceremony. I had the worst butterflies in my stomach. As I was getting my hair done, my mom was there to calm me down. She drove me up to the Bountiful Temple, and I was still extremely anxious as we were getting some of the paperwork ready. But as soon as I went back to the bride's room to get ready, I was able to calm down, because of the peaceful spirit that exists in the temple.

I forever want to remember how my grandpa married us, and how before our ceremony began, he took us to a separate room to talk to us. Unfortunately I don't remember everything he said to us, but I do remember how sweet it was. Our wedding ceremony was very calm and very sacred. My grandpa gave us some very wonderful words of wisdom and beautiful blessings for our marriage and our life together. I also loved that it was short and sweet.

I want to remember the calming and happy feeling I had as we were taking photos, and especially when we went back to my parents house for lunch afterward. My family was there, and all of Victor's family was there, and his friends who flew out for the wedding. It wasn't anything organized or formal, but everyone was just happy and enjoying themselves. And I looked at the guy who had just became my husband, and it just felt really really good, for lack of a better word.

I want to remember what a beautiful evening it was the evening of our reception. The weather was perfection. So many amazing people came and shared the evening with us. I want to remember the music, and the food (what little of it I ate). I danced one dance with my husband, and one with my dad, and honestly, that was enough for me. I much preferred to just be able to talk all night to everyone that had come. So many people were in uniform, and made me feel like a princess. (How's that for cliche?!)
I want to remember how bittersweet it was saying goodbye to everyone at our send-off. It was my last evening living in Utah, and I knew I wouldn't be living there ever, if not for a very long time. But it still felt great to be embarking on this new adventure, and this time with someone at my side. And I want to remember the rest of the evening, but naturally, that is stuff that will never be written down on paper. (wink!)

We left on our honeymoon the next morning, and I called my parents on the phone while waiting in the airport. We were on still on a high of what a great day it was. My parents told me that they were going to Park City that day with Victor's family, and it made us so happy that our families hit it off so well. Such a blessing.

My one regret is that it all happened too quickly. You put so many hours and so much money for the event, and when the day comes, it's the one day that you really wish you could have slowed down. Or I wish I could re-live it every year in celebration---at least the party part.
To all of you that were there, thanks for being a part of one of my fondest memories. And to that guy who was my boyfriend, then my fiancee, and then became my husband, I love you. Here's to many more years!


  1. Holla! Some of my pictures made it up! Aren't you glad you have a friend who was willing to fight traffic and puddles of horse pee to take that princess picture of you on the carriage?

    Your wedding day was the best day of my life. Kind of. Well, maybe not BEST, but pretty close.

  2. Um, thanks for sparing us the details of the post-reception. ;) And happy happy first anniversary!!

  3. Happy anniversary Annie! I can't believe how fast time flies. You two make a really great couple. Here's to many, many more years...

  4. We love having victor in the family. Can't believe it's already a year later!

  5. I was so sad I missed it. There I was driving around downtown salt lake, alone with my two babies, looking for a parking spot . . . and . . . Maddie vomits all over herself, her carseat and everything in the vicinity. Yeah . . . I didn't make it. But I made an effort and was definitely there in spirit. But honestly, if I had showed up, we may have ruined the day for you. I guess it was a hidden blessing. I love all of your pictures, you look stunning.