Thursday, July 19, 2012



First of all, I don't know what is happening to the summer. It is flying by. Like, I feel like I just blogged, but it was actually over a week ago. It needs to slow down!

Second of all, you may not know this, but as of next week, I will be working full time for a Congressman. It's only temporary, and I still have mixed feelings about working on Capitol Hill. Let's hope it goes well.

It's off to a good start though, because last week, I was invited to go on a Capitol Building dome tour before I start working. And, let me just say, it was SO COOL. Better than the Washington Monument, better than the Capitol tour, and better than the White House tour. You have to arrange to go with your Congressman (and I think he has to accompany you? or just meet you there and vouch for you or something), so, if you are going to be going to D.C., call them up!

First, you go up to the middle balcony part---there's probably an official name for it, but I don't remember.
That's the view of the little pink circle things (I'm sure that's the official name for them) from the inside and the outside of the dome. Some of them even open up. 

Then you go up up up to the upper balcony and get an incredible view. The people below become incredibly tiny. 
Then, you get to go outside, and get a complete panoramic view of the District, Maryland, and Virginia.  And just as a side comment: DARN you, construction at the National Mall, for ruining my photos. 

And in case you were dying to know what the roof of the Capitol looks like, today is your lucky day!
So yeah, like I said, it's worth it.


  1. I want to go to there! Seriously, hook a sister up!

  2. I didn't know about your new job! That sounds awesome.

    We did that tour when we were in DC two years ago. Senator Hatch got us tickets (both of our grandpas are friends with him.) It was a cool tour, and the best part was we did not have to wait in line for it like the public Capitol tour. :) We got to go through the underground tunnel.

    Oh, and your hair is getting so long! You make me want to cut bangs again, even though I've been trying to grow mine out all year...

  3. So cool!! I was so bummed about the construction...