Sunday, January 20, 2013


We got to Okinawa one week ago, but last weekend didn't really count because we were just in this weird funk of trying to get settled, and we hadn't taken our drivers tests so we couldn't get out on our own. We are so so thankful to have had a sponsor couple who picked us up from the airport and took us around all day Saturday getting our phones set up and doing other errands. They also took us out for our first round of sushi, which was a great start to our time here!

So we passed our driving tests, and bought a janky little car, so this weekend we got out and explored! We went up to the aquarium with a few friends and had a great time. The aquarium was so impressive. The main event was the HUGE tank that housed three huge whale sharks. It was awesome. 

The shark tank was cool too. But I was too busy watching the adorable Japanese toddler. I love asian babies.
This guy looks exactly like Bruce from "Finding Nemo"!
 Outside the aquarium on the beach they had free dolphin shows and beautiful views.

 We took the long way up to the Aquarium: on the sea side route comparable to the Pacific Coast Highway. It was absolutely gorgeous. After being in a funk for a week where we were spending most of our time on base doing lame orientation stuff (and it was also rainy a lot), it made us so happy to have a weekend of 70 degree weather to see some more of this place. We are excited to be on this beautiful island. It seems like three years isn't going to be enough time to see all the awesome things there are.

And, we ended the night at a tiny Japanese bbq place where not a word of English was spoken. It made me realize that I really should try to learn at least a tiny bit of Japanese, so I think that's my New Year's resolution, a few weeks late!


  1. Can I just tell you that I think your life is awesome? I look up to you as my travel inspiration... seriously though. I love hearing about all of your adventures!

  2. Looks like fun! I am jealous of your nice weather!

  3. OMG! He looks EXACTLY like Bruce! I think it IS Bruce!!