Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adventures in Japanese Shopping: Dollar Store Edition

I love the dollar stores here! I could wander them for hours with all the cute and random stuff they have. Let's start with the dishes:
I really think I need this set. Seriously. 
Cute little entertaining ones. 
"Everyone loves ladybirds. Because it's small, colorful and cutty."
Well said. 
I love all the varieties of house slippers. Plenty of options for me, but unfortunately none for Victor. His feet are too enormous. 
 Adorable garbage cans I purchased for my bathrooms:
I love these cherry blossoms sticky gels. 
 One of my favorite designers is Cath Kidston, who designs the most adorable prints ever: mostly florals like this
I love these makeup bags and notebooks that are definitely Cath inspired
 My husband would love the "household accounts book" that says, "let's maintain our high standard of living and manage the family budget." I prefer this cooking notebook, that says "it is extremely happy to cook a nice dish."
Also love this stationary:
 And this adorable matryoshka doll calendar and stationary are my current favorites.

And now, just for a couple of the random ones.
Portable ashtrays: enjoy smoking time!

And make turning pages so much easier with the finger stall!

And I'm sure there is more dollar store goodness where that came from, mostly because I can't stay away from it! Oh, I love it. 


  1. Who doesnt like ladybirds? Those are hilarious!

  2. I NEED the make up bags and stacking doll calendar and stationary!! SO cute.

  3. I will take a full set of those blue dishes. Thank you! seriously.

  4. I can definitely see your English suffering the way they say things in those parts.