Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last morning in Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market

The second title for this post would be "What My Husband Will Do For Sushi."

Tsukiji Fish Market was our last stop in Tokyo before heading to the airport. It's the largest fish market in the world and it's amazing to see the daily business happening there. Those little blue and yellow carts zip in and out with their morning orders. You have to be careful to not get run over by them!

I explored the market alone, because we were having a cash flow problem with all the ATMs in town (the yen we still had needed to be reserved to get us back to the airport), and Victor was determined to get some more yen for a fresh sushi breakfast. He had to go all over kingdom come and make phone calls to our bank in the states, but he finally returned with some yen. I thought after all that, we would head back to get our stuff since we were starting to cut it close, but sushi Victor wanted, so sushi we got!

It was pretty delicious sushi. Kind of weird eating it for breakfast, but I would totally do it again. Yum yum yum.


  1. I also enjoy sushi and wouldn't mind going to the marketplace for fresh fish! :)