Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer, Sweet Summer

 This place is simply wonderful in the summer. Hot and humid: absolutely. Nasty bugs: check. Japanese schools that refuse to turn on the a/c, so I leave work sweating like a pig: yep. BUT the fact that I am surrounded by beaches makes it not so bad.

We have been soaking up these gorgeous days. And as I look at my many photos of what we have been up to, I realize full well that it looks like we're on a perma-vacation. And you know what? We kind of are! That's why we wanted to come here! We really feel so lucky we get to live in a place like this.
^^^one beach day involved just reading in these chairs all afternoon^^^
^^^another included paddle boarding^^^
^^^another included kayaking^^^
^^^and quite a few have included snorkeling!^^^
^^^this is from the aquarium, but if I had an underwater camera, this is what it would look like while snorkeling ^^^
 ^^^another beautiful end to a beautiful day^^^

Happy summer, everyone. Hope you're having a good one so far!