Monday, June 3, 2013

Tokyo Must Do's: Kite Museum and Asakusa

This was my favorite day in Tokyo. We had a great time at the Kite Museum--the smallest museum I've ever been to. It's filled to the brim with kites: 3000 of them. On special exhibit are the kites of Mr. Hashimoto, the famous Japanese kite master. They also teach you how to make kites if you like, so we had a great time making kites together with our sensei.

^^^the Japanese using kites as target practice in wartime^^^
^^^Mr. Hashimoto's kites^^^

Then we headed over to the Asakusa area, an older neighborhood where you can still find some original buildings that survived the 1923 earthquake and WW2. A few modern buildings have creeped their way in too.

We loved exploring the awesome temple here and the five tiered pagoda. The temple is surrounded by shops and alleyways with beautiful kimono shops and all kinds of things. It was pretty tempting to buy a kimono. Maybe next time. 

Another good day in Tokyo!

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  1. Thank heavens for blogs so I can live semi-vicariously through you. Looks so fun!