Sunday, January 12, 2014

An Orange Picking Date

It's orange season in Okinawa! Up in the north part of the island there are roadside stands everywhere selling them. Many of them have no people running them, because you are expected to live the honor system and leave your money. Another reason I love this place. 

We pulled over to one of the main orange sellers and asked where we could pick our own oranges (with the help of google translate and pantomiming) and the lady had us follow an old guy in a truck up a long and windy road up the mountain to an orchard ran by the sweetest old lady. We paid a cheap fee and then paid by the kilo for how many oranges we picked. We also were allowed to eat to our heart's content as we picked, so we tried out all the different types of oranges and tangerines. 

 We went on this little date the day before Victor went back to work after a glorious two week leave for Christmas. It was a nice time spent with my sweetheart husband, enjoying this lovely island.

Hope you have a great week!
xoxo Annie


  1. Fun date! I bet those oranges are a lot better than my store-bought ones.

  2. You can pick oranges here. No translation needed. ;)

  3. So Cool! I hope when I get back to Okinawa (someday) that I find some cool place to pick oranges! I love the little mandarin ones.