Monday, March 24, 2014

Twenty-one Weeks in a Poppy Field.

Okinawa never ceases to amaze us with beautiful locations. This gorgeous little field by the sea was a perfect spot for a Sunday afternoon walk with my man. 

Definitely noticing more changes with my body this week. Bigger belly. And all you have to do is look at the last picture to see what else is getting bigger ha ha. But I am having a grand old time being pregnant, meaning I don't really have any complaints. Yet. So I'm just enjoying it! I feel little boy move and he's pretty well behaved. Never bothers me at night. Yet. 

I don't really have any crazy cravings, I just eat normal and I feel normal. I feel like this is boring info! 

But I will say this. I admit, I may love a little too much my husband's willingness to get up and get anything or do anything I ask. Foot rubs, back rubs, ice water runs downstairs when we're already in bed. I married a gem. He is the sweetest and I sure am grateful for him. He is so excited to be a dad, and we talk and pray a lot about the parents we hope to be. I am soaking up these days of having him all to myself, though. ;)


  1. You did marry a gem, and I think you'll be able to use the baby as an excuse to get foot rubs, back rubs, and drinks (maybe even naps?) for a looong time. Because you will still need them!

  2. Your belly is so cute! I'm 18 weeks along and my belly looks bigger than yours. I guess that's what happens on your second :( Also enjoy the pampering with your first... That seems to go out the window on the second, haha!

  3. I thought you had cut your hair when I saw that 3rd picture that you also posted on facebook.. it would look really cute! I love getting to know Okinawa through your pictures, it looks like such a gorgeous place.

  4. Hi! Do you have a pin or directions to this poppy field?

    1. I don't have a pin, but the directions are pretty easy: go past torii station on rt. 6 a couple lights. when you see the permanent police car thats up on blocks, turn left at that next light and take that road all the way down to the ocean. hope that helps!