Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Fickle Baby Bump

I had the grand idea of taking a weekly photo to put all together to see my pregnancy progress. It's been fun to take them at some of my favorite spots in Okinawa (with a Hong Kong pic thrown in as well). 

I started at 13 weeks, and while I have noticed small changes (and weight gain), it's really not that obvious. I started thinking it was a waste of time, and even skipped last week thinking "what's the point?? it will look no different!" I'm still wearing my regular clothes. And if you see me in person, you really can't tell I'm 5 months pregnant. Just a little chubbier. 

The bump is fickle because one week it looks much bigger in a picture and the next week it vanishes. 

13 weeks at Torii Beach:
 14 Weeks at Toguchi Beach:
 15 Weeks at the Sunabe Seawall:
16 Weeks at the Peninsula in Hong Kong:
17 Weeks at Cape Zanpa:
 18 Weeks at Mihama:
 20 Weeks at the Marina:
So there you have it. Sometimes it looks like a cute little baby bump, other times I just look fatter. No consistency! Like I said, fickle.

Since about week 18, I have really started to feel like myself again. My appetite for food other than pretzels with peanut butter and bean burritos has come back, so that's nice. I have noticed myself getting more emotional, and I have been having consistently crazy dreams that usually involve people close to me being my arch-enemy. What's up with that??

Happy Sunday from this pregnant broad! Love you all (even if you are a threat to me in my dreams. I won't hold it against you) ;)


  1. You look adorable!! I especially love that one from American Village, your outfits are just too cute! and these pictures will look amazing together :))

  2. From here on out, you will start noticing weekly changes, but I felt bigger/smaller depending on what I was wearing. I started wearing maternity clothes the beginning of my third trimester. I love all the locations of your pictures (and the outfits.) I am so excited for your little guy. :-)