Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Random Realizations

Technology is great and all, but these thoughts kind of bum me out.

-- If I had a lineup of letters from old friends, I would be able to recognize each and every one of my friends just from their handwriting. I could still do it with those elementary, jr. high, and high school friends. If I were to try to do that now with new friends, it would be almost impossible, considering I communicate with them almost completely through typed text, email, etc. Remember the good old days, where instead of a text message from a friend, they handed you a note they wrote during 3rd period? Brings back fond memories.

-- The other day I was telling someone about a great book I just finished, (this book, if you're wondering), and she asked if she could borrow it. I love the whole idea of passing around a great book from person to person, but I had to tell her no, because it is an ebook only accessible through my amazon account (and she doesn't have any type of technology to access it except for a desktop). For how much I adore my Kindle, it's moments like that that make me sad that I hardly read "real" books, and rarely, if ever, buy them anymore.

--  And speaking of ebooks vs. "real" books, every time I watch the movie "You've Got Mail" (just watched it a few days ago ha) I can't help but think about the karma of it all. That if they were to make a sequel to it, it would be Joe Fox being put out of business by the Amazon revolution. Except I wonder if Fox Books would be like Borders Books (may it rest in peace) or Barnes and Noble, who were on the ball and created the Nook, which really is the reason why B&N stores still exist today. Victor thinks he would have met Borders' fate. Which do you think he would be? Oh, I love that movie.

There was something else I was going to write, but I forgot. So, there you go. Your thoughts?

Carry on!


  1. For a while in college me and my friends were all into the same genre of books and since we didn't have many bookstores back home we used to order them online and lend them to each other. We would also write little notes in the pages for the next person to read. I have two or three books filled with post-its and man do i treasure them :) It sucks that you can't do that with e-books.

  2. I miss borrowing/lending books too!!! There was just something so special about passing a loved book around from friend to friend! And geez does buying books on the kindle get pricey!