Sunday, June 22, 2014

"You Are My Sunshine" Baby Shower

On Saturday, the first day of summer, my wonderful friends here in Okinawa hosted a darling baby shower for me and my babe. I loved how bright and summery it all was, especially since baby will be a summer baby (the best kind: I'm a summer baby too ;) ).

Oh, that food. It was so so yummy.

^^the wonderful hostesses: Mickelle, Milly, and Sherry^^
There are a lot of pregnant women on this island! Mickelle, Heather, and Anna are all due in October. It sure is nice going through the pregnancy experience with them.

It sure was a wonderful day reminding me how blessed we have been with the people we call friends on this island. The support we feel from people here is so great, especially being so far away from our family and friends. We love our Okinawa family!


  1. Your friends must know you well because that looked like an Annie shower to me! So fun. I just wish I could have been there.

  2. They did such a great job. It all looks so cute!