Saturday, July 12, 2014

Books Read in 2014: Return and Report (Part One)

I did much better these last six months the six months prior so I'm proud of that, but I still slowed down a bit these last few months. Maybe I need new suggestions (hint hint) since I've had a few that I've started and just haven't had the motivation to keep reading. 

I wrote reviews on all of these books on my goodreads account which I wish everyone would join because it's my favorite social media that is not used by enough people. Anyway, you can still read my reviews if you're not a member: just click the thing on my sidebar. I'm just going to highlight my favorites in this post, and if you want to read a review that I don't mention, or read my full review since I'm just paraphrasing here, go to my goodreads. 
And join goodreads!
 Women and the Priesthood: You had me at Sheri Dew. Loved this book and love what she has to say. If you want to know where I stand with all the mormon feminist controversy taking place right now, just read this book.

I Am Malala: An inspiring read that also helps give a background into how Pakistan got to be such a messed up place.
I read the Divergent series before the movie came out, and man, was it pretty disappointing how each of the following books got worse and worse from the first. Veronica Roth tries, but she can't keep the momentum of the first book due to weak plots and poor writing. 
Gift From the Sea I read on my girls trip to Ishigaki Island and it was a perfect read for a trip near the ocean. It is such a great book for women. 

Wonder: Loved it. I recommend it. 

Wild: I'm including it because I am almost done with it and will be discussing it at book club this week. And I have issues with it. Overall, I just say "meh." You're not really missing out if you don't read it. 

So what has been on your summer reading lists? Do tell. 


  1. My book club just read Edenbrook. It's a cute, easy young adult novel. I also read These Is My Words. Have you read it? If not, it's a must read. Loved it. Oh, and one more must read is Heaven Is Here the Stephanie Neilson memoire.

  2. Sad to hear you didn't like Wild. I really loved reading it. Thanks for the recommendations. I am adding a few to my list! :)