Thursday, July 3, 2014

Newborn Cradle Refashion

After much reading/debating about what to do with baby boy as a brand new little newborn, I was really leaning toward a cradle. Mostly because my mom used one for all five of her babies and my sister used the same cradle for her baby. I'm a sentimental person, and wanted the same. Too bad my sister couldn't easily ship over my mom's so I could use it too.

But the only cradles I was finding online were starting at like $100 and the cheaper looking bassinets were still like $50. It's only going to be used for a little bit, so I did not want to pay that much. If you can't tell already, my whole mindset with all of this baby supply business is to try and get a bargain: mostly because that means more money for our travel fund ha.

Then one day I walked into my favorite Japanese thrift store and found this!

 It looks very very similar to my mom's cradle. Maybe a little crappier. But for the price tag of thirty dollars (!), I snatched it up. It was pretty dinged up, and I wasn't super crazy about the pad, but I really did like the stain of the wood because it matches our bedroom, so I didn't want to strip it and paint it.

So I gave it a good cleaning with lemon oil, then used some wood scratch touch up marker things a friend let me borrow. I covered the pad with a water resistant crib mat thing given to me by another friend, and sewed two separate envelope type covers for easy removal for cleaning.

And this is my finished product!

 I am really happy with how it turned out. I also made the minky blanket because I fell in love with that animal fabric. It's a completely different color scheme than the baby's actual room, which I like because I love the softer colors for a newborn, and that it goes well in our bedroom.

And honestly nothing makes me feel better than the fact that the total price of all of this was like $50. Yay for thrifting and refashioning!

Now we just wait and see if baby boy actually likes sleeping in it. I sure hope so.


  1. Very cute! I love the way it looks in your master room!

  2. Millicent T July 3rd 2014 2:52PM I love the lemon color cushion and I want that blanket for Char! I loooove thrift shopping. This is very nice :) bravo mama

  3. Look at you! Making your bed and everything. There doesn't happen to be a sick ducky in the bed is there?

  4. I love having a cradle for the first month or two. They are just so tiny and the crib seems so big. The cradle is more cozy! I love that blanket!

  5. This turned out super cute (crib, blanket, all of it!) I do hope he likes it. Ava never slept well in her cradle.

  6. Great job Annie! That does look a lot like your mom's cradle. I used it for my first baby as well. If I remember right a king size pillow case works well for a pad cover in the cradle.

  7. That turned out soooo cute! :) I love how vintage it looks!

  8. So cute! The minky blanket is darling. I'm so happy you found your cradle. Now get the string tied to it so you can rock the cradle from bed.