Monday, October 20, 2014

Tokyo, according to my iphone

This past weekend we took a quick trip to Tokyo. We had a great time, and we love Tokyo. We also had a great time traveling with J, which was something we were a bit apprehensive about. This was kind of a tester trip to help us see what works and what we can plan for better when traveling with a baby.

But the thing about traveling in Japan is that they are extremely baby friendly, so I don't know if it will be this easy when we travel to other countries. Most tourist sites, metro stations, airports, etc. have amazing mothers rooms with little curtained compartments where you can nurse your babies. The rooms also are equipped with changing tables and bottle preparation areas. Seriously, Japan is great. We spent Saturday evening in Ginza and I was worried about where to feed J dinner since it was mostly just a bunch of stores, like 5th Avenue in NYC. But sure enough, we went into one of their big fancy department stores and found the blessed nursing rooms.

This time around we stayed in a much more modern city area (unlike last time) with towering sky scrapers and beautiful views. This was nice with the baby because we didn't have to trek too far to see and do things.

Some little things we did differently this time around because of having the babay:

Forgo the diaper bag and bring a diaper backpack: So much easier.

Eat dinner early: Thus the picture of the empty restaurant ha ha. We had been to this restaurant before and loved it but didn't want to risk a crazy long wait or be crammed at the bar. It was so nice.

Have a little bit of "down time" in the afternoon at the hotel: this is when J usually gets grumpy if I've been out all day, so we just hung out for about an hour so he could just relax. Then he was great until we came back in the evening.

We also spent our first evening in a hotel right by the airport since we were getting in later. That was such a good choice. The Tokyo airport is an hour outside of the city so rather than staying up even later traveling into the city, we just got up in the morning and headed in. It helped keep J happy and well rested. Which helped keep ME happy and well rested!

So there you go! Time to start prepping for the next traveling adventure, just a few weeks away!


  1. What a good little traveler! Tokyo looks amazing, and how nice is that to have a mothers room everywhere you go? Miss you.

  2. Did you both get to go to the temple? Sounds like J's ready to come to AZ! ;)