Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Everyday Baby Lifesavers.

I've been thinking of the cliche things people say about their babies, like "oh, haven't showered in forever," or "sleep when the baby sleeps," etc etc etc. As of right now, these are the things that make my life easier with my baby, and they defy those things you hear about baby life.
1. I think this sleeper is a contribution to why we have a good night sleeper, or maybe it's just luck of the draw, who knows. But my baby loved sleeping in this thing the first two months or so. (So much for that classic cradle ha.) It's also the reason I haven't changed my pre-baby bathing routine one bit, that being that I take a nice long shower then fill up the tub and enjoy a soak ha. It's the best. I just pull this thing in the bathroom, and Baby J just chills there the whole time, so cute and patient. 

2. This wrap is the reason my baby sleeps when we are out and about, and overall just keeps him really happy. On Sollybaby's web site it says that babies that are worn are less fussy. My baby may just be generally not very fussy by nature, or maybe it's because I wear him in public way more than I put him in the stroller. He doesn't like being in it when we are just at home, but when we are out and he is tired (or he just had shots), the wrap is what calms him down so fast. Such a life saver. 

3. Thank you, Kelsy, for clueing me into this great product, that gets rid of the poop stains off of clothes. Enough said. 

4. These blankets are all I used in those first super hot weeks in August when he was an itty bitty newborn. So light and soft, and also handy in those unexpected spit up moments. 

5. I never frequented Burger King my entire life. But here in Okinawa, Burger King has fountain Dr. Pepper, and also one key thing that I have come to LOVE since a having a baby: A DRIVE THRU. Sure I have the little convenient store by my house where I could get my Dr. Pepper, but then I'd have to lug out the baby just to get a drink, then lug him back out. Drive thrus are the best. There are a few drive thrus around here, but it's BK that has the best fountain Dr. Pepper ha. 

6. Man, oh man, this swing. Sometimes I feel like my baby loves it more than he loves me. Seriously, he will be crying and you'd think he would prefer me holding him to comfort him, but no. He wants to be in the swing. The swing also is my go to if I want to "sleep when the baby sleeps." It's the only way I can actually fall asleep, because I know he is strapped in, and if he wakes up he will still be chilling, which subconsciously allows me to relax and actually take a little nap sometimes. 

Hope you enjoyed my little ode to my favorite baby things. Maybe some of them will help someone with a baby keep their sanity as well. 
xoxo Annie,
oh, and Baby J! :)


  1. Ok, so Ava did not like her cradle either and I looked for one of those sleepers you have but didn't find it at the baby stores. What is it called? Ava slept in the swing for the first 12 weeks of her life. It was the only place she slept well. And drive thrus are the absolute best! Too bad you don't have a Taco Bell to get the dp freeze!

  2. I love that you put Burger King on here. I might be starting that habit soon too! And that swing! The besttttttttt