Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sacred Weekends.

Victor has been at work A LOT the last few weeks. Working on Saturdays, leaving hours before J is awake and coming home after he has been put to sleep. We have missed him. I find myself now becoming incredibly protective of our weekend time since it's our best time we get to spend as a family.

This weekend sure was a great one. Didn't do anything special. Had brunch with good friends, did silly errands like the hundred yen and grocery store, went to church, watched movies. But it was wonderful, because all of it was done together.

I'm grateful for this time in our lives where we can have these slow happy weekends.


  1. Someone asked me if I look forward to weekends since I don't work, and I said of course because it's the weekends I get with the hubby (and someone to help with the babe.)

  2. J looks like you in the bottom picture and so much like victor in your family selfie. He's getting so big!