Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rewind: Christmas Eve

Before we took off on Christmas we got to have a wonderful Christmas Eve on Okinawa. What's so wonderful about this place is you are in the same boat for being so far away from family so you come together for family traditions with each other. Oki family is a term everyone uses here because it's true. I'm so so so grateful for the friends we have made here. There are many more that are not in these photos. 

We all met at Mickelle's house and gathered around the cozy fire. 
 We had a wonderful dinner of different soups and breads that we all made. We then had a mini concert displaying our talents. Turns out this is a tradition for Anna and Mickelle's family too, so that was fun!

Stella did a little dance to Jingle Bell Rock
 Victor played the clarinet, and not pictured was me playing the violin which Winston the bulldog mostly barked through--I guess the violin is scary!
 Duke and Mickelle both played the piano and Austin and Sherry sang such a beautiful duet of O Holy Night (while Austin held my sleeping baby ha).
 ^^the one pic where everyone looks good is when J doesn't. taking one for the team!^^
 ^^cute Lucy resting her head on J's shoulder!^^
 ^^all the babies, one a little bigger than the rest. Connor, J, Lucy, and Ian.
^^wonderful women^^

We ended the night reading Luke 2 and then doing a little gift exchange. It was such a nice evening. Love these special Christmas Eve traditions. Hope you all had a great holiday as well!


  1. Haha love the fire picture. And babies all together!

  2. Okinawa feels very very far away on holidays. Glad you still have family to be with even if it's not me.