Wednesday, January 28, 2015

forgotten moments

We had a memory card that we took all of Joseph's first pictures of, but my macbook wouldn't read it and our pc decided to crap out after we had loaded them on there. We finally got the pc fixed so I could access the photos and it was so wonderful seeing all these moments that feel like forever ago. Such happy days. 

Indulge me, because I never blogged these moments. Not just because I couldn't get to the photos, but because I was in that "I just had a baby and am trying to figure things out" stage. 

First real bath after his gross belly button thing fell off. How far we have come! He hated it. Now he loooves it. 
My chunky newborn. I look at regular 7 pound newborns with a sigh. My baby was never that small ha ha.
It's fun looking back and recognizing how he looks. I know that sounds weird, but newborns look different in every picture I feel like, so I like seeing these and being all, "yeah, looks like J!"

I just love these moments. Aaaaaand they're making me baby hungry. I never ever felt baby hungry until I actually had a baby. Now I feel it all the time. Crazy, because it's only been five months!

Anyway, thanks for indulging me. 


  1. Love his sweet snuggles. He does look like newborn J. Can't wait for your next pregnancy announcement!

  2. I know what you mean about seeing tiny newborns. My friend's two month old is finally up to Ava's birth weight. How would that be? What a precious little guy.