Friday, June 12, 2015

Beautiful Southern Utah

Our last weekend in Utah was spent among my favorite place on earth: the beautiful red rocks of Southern Utah. I have so many happy memories here, and living other places sure makes you realize how unique and gorgeous Southern Utah is. We brought my sisters along so they could do some hiking with us and keep Baby J company. My bestie Kelsy also happened to be down there that weekend as well! We lived there together for our first years of college so she loves any chance to go down there too. 

On our way down we did a new hike called Kanara Creek Falls. This was a fun river hike through an awesome slot canyon. 

 The next day we spent at Zion National Park aka the most beautiful place on earth. I love that place. We decided to hike Angel's Landing and it was much harder this time around being 14 weeks pregnant. Victor and Kelsy stayed behind with the babies, and it was so tempting to quit and join them. But we made it, and it was gorgeous.
 ^^best picture of the trip^^
 We also took a little drive through Kolob Canyon.
A great weekend with great people. Love Southern Utah. 

My sister Camille put together a little video of us at Zion if you care to watch!


  1. That video turned out really good! But we started out with a really big group that ended up really small. Ha

  2. I am just catching up on reading blogs when all of a sudden I read "14 weeks pregnant"!! Congrats Annie! you are a rockstar for going hiking being pregnant. So excited for you and your family :)