Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ten Months of Sweet Baby J!

Nine months was a fun month. It was also a month where I became extremely sentimental in not wanting him to get any bigger. He's now in double digits--so close to one. It's so bittersweet.
^^he loves clapping. a recent development^^

 I am behind on this post, so I snapped these pictures on our little trip to the coast of Connecticut this week. They're not like my regular month pictures, but they're at J's all time favorite place: the beach. His favorite things are still the water and the sand. It's his happy place and immediately turns a bad mood around.
So much personality in such a small body. He is still so social with people--charming everyone around him. His favorite people are other babies and children, then animals, then everyone else.

He still has no stranger danger, which has been awesome as we have been traveling around so much introducing him to so many new people. He has been loving it, and I love it too. It sucks when you're so excited to meet someone's baby, and they're just a grouch.

We love this boy so much. I am amazed how the cuteness never grows old on us. Seriously, we are definitely those ridiculous people who sit there and gush.

Happy ten months, Baby Joseph!


  1. What a cutie! He is seriously the happiest baby on the block!

  2. Oh little J you are so darn cute!! Love those first two pictures <3 <3