Saturday, June 6, 2015

In the USA!

Well it's been a while and honestly it's just been because I've been so lazy. Sorry. We are in the second leg of our grand pre-moving trip. Our first two weeks were spent with my family in Utah.  I have better pictures, but for now here are some phone pics (since I'm blogging from my phone--like I said, I am being lazy) 

We had a very relaxing time in Utah just catching up with friends and family and doing big people stuff like buying a car! We also took our fun new car and road tripped to southern Utah, which I will post about soon. 
^^with Grandpa J, his namesake^^

And I'll let you dear blog readers on a little secret. That shirt Baby J is wearing was how we announced some exciting news to our family :) We are so excited! We wanted J to have a friend close in age, so we are feeling so blessed.