Thursday, September 3, 2015

Glimpses into The Cottage

I call our little Monterey house "The Cottage" because that is exactly what it feels like. It's an old house, so while it has lots of old house details that give it charm, it also has old house lack-of-modern conveniences like a dishwasher, disposal, and only one bathroom with a claw foot tub, which so many people on the internet think is so charming, and it looks charming, but showering and trying to keep the floor dry can be tricky. 

A few days ago we finally got all our stuff that had been in storage so we can finally start truly unpacking. But it definitely is overwhelming! We have to be ultra organized because of lack of closet space, and we have a one year old who loves to throw things out of drawers when you're trying to put stuff in, or put stuff in boxes when you're trying to take things out which makes it more exhausting!

So slowly but surely, it's coming together. And while I still feel like there is lots to do (because there is), these are some spaces in the house that when I look at them it helps calm me from the areas of disaster that are out of the camera frame!

Living room:
And a little boy's room, photobombed by a cute little boy:

It's definitely been a slower process for decorating, but it's coming along. You have to start somewhere and these little spaces are giving me hope to persevere!

We are grateful for our little cottage. Stay tuned for more updates as we make progress.


  1. It's such a cute house! Hope to see it in person someday. :-)

  2. Come decorate my house. We've been here a year and it still looks like a rental.

  3. Super cute! I've always loved how you decorate!

  4. Fun! Glad you have your furniture again.

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