Saturday, February 20, 2016

How to Keep Mountain Lions Away in Big Sur

This weekend we did a hike I had been wanting to do at the Big Sur State Park. It was a perfect day to do it. With the weather at least. Our normally adventurous J was having none of it. He cried the whole drive there and the entire hike up to the falls. And by cry, I mean a yelling/growl that everyone could hear. But hey, the sign at the beginning of the hike that warned against mountain lions said that making lots of noise keeps them away, so it was more like we were doing everyone a favor, right?? Oh man. It was bad. 

We made it to the falls, and J was still inconsolable. He just laid on the ground crying. I'm sure everyone just thought we were the best parents. Eventually and gradually he just wanted to snuggle. Then he fell asleep on the way down, the drive home, and then for three hours after that. He's been cutting new teeth lately, so we think maybe it is that?? Who knows.

But the hike was really pretty. About two miles round trip in the gorgeous redwood forest. I just love seeing these majestic trees. This hike had a decent incline so that we made it up high enough to see the redwoods from the bottom as they soared up to the sky, and then from the tops of them, unable to see their bottoms.
Family photo attempt:
And then before he fell asleep. Poor little guy.
They're just so impressive to me!
If you are visiting Big Sur, this was a good hike. Not too difficult, but you still get your heart rate up on the way up. One lady even said to her friend after seeing me coming down with a baby strapped to me "oh, we'll be able to make it up." Should I be irritated, offended, or flattered? I just thought it was amusing, I guess!


  1. I'm so impressed at you two for being adventurous and getting out and doing things - even with screaming children in tow. Way to live life to its fullest! And as a side-note: I rented Far from the Madding Crowd from RedBox last night. Loved it! They did a very good job with the movie - but I do hope you'll read the book because it's so wonderful! I read most of it while I was traveling with two friends and I think they thought I was crazy because I couldn't keep from voicing my reactions out loud. I'm kind of sorry you've already seen the movie, though. I remember feeling amazed at the point when I was about 3/4 of the way through the book and still had absolutely no idea how it was going to turn out.

  2. Looks beautiful! Too bad a crying little one took some of the fun out of it. Poor guy.

  3. Soooo beautiful!!!! Cali seems like the perfect place! Mountains and beaches!