Monday, February 8, 2016

My 18-month-old, Monster Truck Enthusiast

Since I last did an update on my Sweet no-longer-a-baby J, he has entered the stage of discovering obsessions, and for him, it's all about trucks. He loves some sports as well: he loves to yell out "touchdown!" with his arms up to any sports success, like when he makes a basket in his basketball hoop. I don't want to correct him. But seeing his love for trucks develop is so fun, and it fuels my obsession now with them, like always pointing out the big trucks for him to see him get excited. I've never ever cared about trucks and look at me now!

What started as showing J little cartoon videos of trucks on my ipad has turned into him LOVING watching monster truck rallies. He has watched so many of them. So many that now I even know the workings of monster trucks. What has happened to me?? Funny story: just yesterday a friend posted a picture that the "Grave Digger" came and filled up with gas the same place as her--and only now do I know that "Grave Digger" is like, a totally important monster truck (name that movie ha). And the first thing I thought was how excited J would be to see that. I am just obsessed with this kid, and can you blame me??
Look at all his teeth! Two more up top are coming through.
You'll also notice his big old cut on his forehead, and other cuts and bruises. Don't know the reason for the forehead cut, but he just had a big bruise on his cheek finally fade away--that was from him thinking he was Evel Knieval riding his scooter off the couch. He is fearless, and pain doesn't scare him. He cries, and then he's back to the same shenanigans. He is just a hoot!

My sweet little boy J. I love you so much! I can't believe you are a year and a half year old.


  1. Could he BE any cuter? That kid is all boy!

  2. Love that little kiddo! How cute that he loves monster trucks and you are a good mom to get all excited about them too! By the way, I just read through several other posts and got all caught up! You are so good with your posting especially now that you have two littles! I'm so impressed! Miss you!