Friday, January 6, 2017

Fun in the Snow

Not quite as catchy as saying "fun in the sun" ha. But we still had a good time. After spending all the time getting allllll the snow gear ready for everyone, then putting alllll that snow gear on tiny bodies which is a major pain. And then you go through all that, and a boot or mitten comes off several times and you have to put them on again which is really tricky on tiny toddler hands. ANYWAY. Can you tell I prefer prepping for beach outings?? 

We spent one afternoon sledding at one of the golf courses I sledded at as a kid, and as expected, J LOVED it! I really wanted to take him to the sledding places where you go up on a tube lift and go down super long hills, but sadly, it's for ages three and older. So we just endured having to hike up the hills with little kids over and over again. Good workout?
^^that face of J! and Laila! Pure joy^^
^^Dom on the other hand wasn't as impressed with the snow. He never cried in all the times we were outside. But he just sat there with this straight face haha^^
^^He loves grandpa^^
^^He did venture to try and eat the snow^^
^^love this pic of Laila!^^

The next day, we headed up to Cottonwood Canyon and did some snowshoeing! It was so so beautiful up there. Snowshoeing didn't last long with the kids, but I don't regret taking them out and enjoying the mountains. 
On New Years Eve, we ventured up to Hardware Ranch, an elk reserve where wild elk come every winter. They take you out on a horse drawn "sleigh" aka a wagon with wheels ha. It was cold but the boys still loved it.
^^creeper Melanie ha!^^
^^cousins!! Harrison is missing because he hates the cold even more than Dominic ha^^
He never wants to leave the snow. 

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  1. We did that sleigh ride one year. It was cold! I don't think there's anything better than kids faces while sledding. So magical!