Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Scene out of National Geographic at Point Lobos

Point Lobos is gorgeous all year, but right now it's simply awesome. It's pupping season, meaning all the seals are giving birth. It's also wildflower season, so that's always a favorite, and the sea otters were being extra active while we were there as well. Oh, and the birds. And whales off in the distance! This place is extraordinary.

The seals like to give birth to their pups at China Cove, an incredibly beautiful beach cove with calm waters. There were no seals on the beach like there usually are at this time--they were all out in the cove swimming with their brand new pups. There was still blood on the beach!

 Yes, that's a backpack leash. He darts off so quickly. What is to be done?? ha.

 ^^the joys of hiking with toddlers. they made it really not so fun. I block that and just remember the good stuff.^^

 We had a little picnic after with delicious baguette sandwiches and macarons from Lafayette Bakery in Carmel. And fresh strawberries from the farmers market. After a very rainy winter, my strawberry guy is back! It's a great time of year in Monterey.


  1. I love otters so much! I want to see them someday in the wild :)

    1. this is the place to see them! they are everywhere.